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Name:Kirk + Spock + Uhura
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
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Community description:Kirk + Spock + Uhura OT3

Welcome to [community profile] kirkspockuhura! Dedicated to the belief that the sparks between Uhura and Kirk, the secret passion between Spock and Uhura, and the epic bromance between Kirk and Spock are not mutually exclusive. Embrace the chemistry and this potential menage a trois and join us!

While the emphasis of this free love community concerns the triangular possibilities between Kirk, Spock, and Uhura, don't feel limited by it. Friendship, romance, lust, and individual character/actor squee are welcome here. Think of this is an Uhura friendly Kirk/Spock space and a Kirk friendly Uhura/Spock space and every configuration thereof.

Rules and Points of Interest:

1) This is not a binary shipper community. Keep this in mind and take your shipper wars elsewhere. This is a comm of love.

2) Posts of all kinds are acceptable and desired! This includes but is not limited to: fan fiction, meta, artwork, icons, manips, and recs.

3) This is not the place for RPS featuring any of the actors who have played Kirk, Spock, or Uhura. Please post these stories in the appropriate communities.

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